With over 100,000 structures installed in over 70 countries around the world, AQUASTORE® tanks are proven to last longer and have greater lifetime value than any other storage application available. AQUASTORE® tanks require the lowest maintenance and never need to be recoated or repainted during their entire lifecycle.
  • Lowest maintenance requirements over the life of the tank
  • Lowest total life cycle cost
  • Safe, top-down construction
  • Faster construction, short lead time
  • Pre-engineered allowing for future vertical expansion
  • Relocatable / Expandable
  • Can be constructed in remote areas and on small footprints
  • Versatile tank designs, options and accessories
  • Cost effective
  • Factory coating eliminates weather delays and variables affecting the quality of field applied coatings
  • A unique warranty – AQUASTORE® tanks carry a guarantee on the tank’s performance. It is one more indication that AQUASTORE® tanks are designed for lasting service.
AQUASTORE® tanks feature Vitrium™ glass-fused-to-steel technology. Vitrium is a TiO2 glassing process applied in a 3-coat, 1-fire procedure to create a chemical bond and an inert barrier for both the interior and exterior tank surfaces. Vitrium glass-fused-to-steel offers the best performance of any tank coating with a bond that is significantly better than the industry’s best epoxy formula.

AQUASTORE® tanks are available in diameters from 11 feet (3.3m) to 204 feet (62.2m) and capacity from 20,000 gallons (75 cu m) to over 7 million gallons (26,500 cu m). The factory-applied silica glass coating on AQUASTORE® tanks forms a hard, inert barrier for both the interior and exterior surfaces of the tank. It protects the steel core against weather and corrosion.

The AQUASTORE® tank’s superior EDGECOAT II™ process produces a bull nose rounded steel sheet edge and direct application of liquid glass on the edges ensuring the entire steel panel is encapsulated in a glass shell.

Aquastore Canada East. supplies and installs CST Aluminum domes and covers clear span aluminum geodesic domes for use on AQUASTORE® and third party tanks. Installation is provided for both ground or elevated tanks, other types of new or existing tanks, as well as concrete and earthen reservoirs.

Clear span aluminum geodesic domes are self-supporting, lightweight, and strong. Built to industry design standards they can withstand high snow loads, wind loads, extreme temperatures, and attached equipment loads. The domes can be supplied with manways, walkways, dormers, skylights, vents, equipment access hatches, pipe sleeves, nozzles, and insulation. They can be anodized or coated to meet architectural considerations.

CST Storage has instituted an ongoing research/product improvement program dedicated to constantly enhancing our manufacturing processes. AQUASTORE® tanks offer consistent corrosion protection. The glass coating provides a corrosion-resistant interior and a graffiti-resistant exterior. The physical properties of AQUASTORE® tanks’ glass coating are especially suited to municipal/industrial liquid storage applications.