Aquastore Canada East has redefined QUALITY in the critical infrastructure markets across Ontario and Atlanic Canada.

Aquastore Canada East utilizes the Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel tank which is bolted together and sealed with a moisture cured urethane compound. Glass-fused-to-steel has become the premium water and liquid storage technology leader due to its dependable performance and minimal maintenance costs. The factory applied silica glass coating ensures a fast and consistent field assembly.

A tank is not a tank until it is installed and tested. Aquastore Canada East, licensed, bonded and insured authorized dealers for the Aquastore tank, will ship and install the tank complete with concrete foundation or steel floor. Our factory trained and certified building crews will ensure the high-quality control measures taken in the factory are carried forward during installation and start up.

  • Tank will NEVER have to be recoated.
  • Lowest maintenance requirements over tank life time.
  • Cost effective designs to any local or international design codes.
  • Corrosion resistant tank and dome that never needs sandblasting or repainting = Greater Lifetime Value than concrete or welded steel tanks.
  • Guaranteed Quality with factory applied coatings in a controlled environment.
  • Faster and Safer construction schedule utilizing a specialized jacking system without the need for scaffolding and crane.
  • Turnkey Installation Services by a TRUSTED authorized dealer and General Contractor.



Municipalities and industrial customers can count on the longevity and durability of our Aquastore tanks. The Aquastore Vitrium coating technology is a single, integrated glass and steel material fused together at 1500° F in a controlled process furnace. The physical properties of Vitrium are specially suited for long life critical infrastructure projects. Your reservoir or standpipe can be designed to a wide range of standards featuring AWWA D103-09.


If you need a storage tank for a liquid process, chances are Aquastore Canada East has done it before. We provide the right coating technology, the right tank design, and the right cover solutions to meet your needs. Glass fused to steel Externally Supported Roofs are available for high pressure applications. Our Aquastore tanks are designed to meet any and all industrial and firewater needs.


Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel is the preferred choice for municipal wastewater engineers due to its protection against aggressive gasses with absolutely no UV degradation over time. Aquastore treatment tanks can be designed to accommodate any wastewater equipment, walkways or loads and can be fitted with a corrosion resistant aluminum dome.


Never repaint your elevated tank again! The importance of the Aquastore corrosion resistance and minimal maintenance is elevated to new heights with our Composite Elevated Tank. We utilize a hollow jump form concrete pedestal with an Aquastore tank and aluminum dome on top. The Aquastore CET is redefining the market with over 150 elevated structures installed across the country.


Leachate is a highly corrosive liquid that seeps through solid waste landfills and is collected, stored and treated. Our primary and secondary containment tanks featuring Aquastore’s Vitrium glass fused to steel technology offer proven solutions for containment and treatment with hundreds of landfill leachate applications in operation.